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Leaky gutters and missing shingles or tiles after a bad storm — these are all signs of apparent roof damage. And once you notice the signs of damage, it's usually pretty easy to decide whether you need a roof repair or replacement. However, sometimes, problems can occur inside the roof structure itself — subtle issues that can escalate into significant damage without warning. For example, water damage — if left unchecked — causes your roof to deteriorate at an accelerated rate.

The best way to determine the condition of a roof and its underlying structure is to perform regular inspections. This can be done by a licensed roofing inspector, who will safely climb up on your roof to examine it from top to bottom, ensuring no leaks or structural damage. Miller Roofing and Renovations is privileged to perform a residential roof inspection in Memphis for our respective clients and is committed to providing the best service experience at every level. Our team is certified and trained to inspect your roof for any damage. Whether it be a leaking roof, storm damage, or missing shingles, you can count on our reliable services to restore your home's roofing or siding to its original form.


A residential roof inspection in Memphis can reveal the following problems with your roof:

  • Water damage can be caused by various factors, including blocked gutters that prevent water from draining correctly, poorly installed or damaged flashing, and storms that blow shingles off, allowing water to seep in.
  • Mold growth around the chimney and attic insulation is water damage symptoms. A roofing contractor will pay special attention to these issues during the interior assessment.
  • Shingle deterioration might include missing or loose shingles, as well as rotting or algae growth.
  • An excessive number of loose shingle grains in your gutters indicates that your shingles are being worn away. Granules add weight to your shingles while protecting them from the sun's rays.


When you have your home inspected, you're generally rewarded with one of four results:

1. Your house might be in perfect shape, and no repairs are required, which is excellent news!

2. Your house may need some repairs.

3. It could be time to tear off the roof and install a new one.

4. It may have suffered damage from recent storms but could still be repaired.

If you're considering having your residential roof inspected or fixed by a professional, be sure to ask about the company's experience level and past projects. A good roofing company should provide you with references and documentation of their work. It's also a brilliant idea to view any photos of previous projects that the contractor can share with you. That way, you'll know what to expect from the job and ensure that it will be done correctly — and on time.

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At Miller Roofing and Renovations, homeowners deserve to have a structurally sound roof free of leaks. As one of the region's most trusted roof inspection company , we make sure that every one of our customers can depend on us to keep their homes safe. Our inspectors are licensed, trained professionals who will use advanced technology and the latest inspection strategies to ensure that your roof performs as intended.

We'll perform a complete roof inspection to determine any leaks or damage. In addition to inspecting roofs, we can inspect and repair flashing, vents, and pipes. Our team will keep your roof safe from water damage, mold growth, and deteriorating shingles by fixing minor issues before they become major ones.

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