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If your roof is damaged, it's time for a replacement. Although repairs can prolong the life of your roof and prevent it from losing value, they won't improve its condition. Replacing your roof with a new one will add value to your home while protecting your family from harm.

Miller Roofing and Renovations was founded on solid family values and an unshakable commitment to customer satisfaction. We aim to provide the most exceptional and affordable residential roof replacement in Memphis. When you call us for a residential roof replacement, we'll take care to ensure the job is done right — from the first step to the last. Every job goes through careful crafting, from choosing our materials to laying your new roof.

We're proud to be the top residential roofing company in Memphis. Our team of experts will do everything they can to protect your home from harsh elements. If you live in any of these areas, feel free to call us today: Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Collierville, Millington, and Olive Branch.


Roofs protect us and our belongings from the elements. This is why it's essential to understand when a roof needs to be replaced — before lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, or snowstorms strike. The shingles may crack and leak as a roof ages, destroying insulation and drastically increasing your electric bill. Here are the most common signs of damaged roof:

  • The roof is more than 20 years old.
  • Your roof appears to be old and weathered.
  • Hail or wind damage that is severe
  • Your roof is prone to leaking.
  • Shingles are blistering, curling, or cracking.
  • The shingles are missing, ripped, or damaged in some way.
  • Shingles with a lot of granule loss


Protecting your home from the elements is essential, which is why we recommend Pinnacle® Pristine shingles. This durable rubber roof features 3M Scotchgard™ Protector technology, making it attractive and effective. These shingles boast enhanced durability and resistance, even in harsh weather conditions. Not to mention, they come in a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles for a custom look that will enhance the exterior of any house. These superior copper-infused roofing shingle products are backed by the highest manufacturer's warranties in the business. Each product comes coated with thousands of copper granules, which helps combat algae growth and black streaks on your roof. This keeps your home protected from high winds of up to 130 mph. Atlas® Pinnacle® Pristine shingles have the durability and style that you need — and with an installation from Miller Roofing and Renovations, who provides the best residential roof replacement in Memphis, you can be confident that your roof is going to look beautiful for years to come!

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Miller Roofing and Renovations, a renowned name in residential roof replacement in Memphis , uses a piece of construction equipment called an Equipter, a trailer with an engine that moves around and catches all the debris falling from your roof. Designed by roofers for roofers, this specialized trailer allows us to work more efficiently by reducing our clean-up time while protecting your shrubs and landscaping from damage during the roofing process. Using this trailer also reduces the amount of physical labor needed on the job, decreasing the wear and tear on our crew by allowing us to move and dump debris more effectively. The result is a clean job site with minimal disruption to your day, and your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.

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